Monday, November 30, 2009

Believe Banner

Happy Monday everyone! I have been busy this weekend decorating my home for the Christmas Holiday! I decided this year I would make a banner similar to the one I made for Thanksgiving...this one says "BELIEVE"
For this banner, I used by Gypsy..of course and created a multi-mat file.
The first mat layer has the designer paper tag for the base of the banner. I cut the tag from Gypsy Wanderings at 9.83 x 4.99, I copied 4 of them on the 12x24 mat, then I cut this 2 times with 4 and then 1 time with only 1 on the mat.
The second mat layer has the shadow of the tag for the base. The Gypsy Wandering does not have a shadow feature, so I enlarged the tag to fit for a shadow, the size is 10.43x5.48. I copied this 4 times on the 12x24 mat and then cut it 2 times with 4 and then 1 time with only 1 on the mat.
The 3rd mat layer has the letters for BELIEVE, using the Storybook font cut at 3.96x4.99.
The 4th mat layer has the shadow feature for the letter using the Storybook font cut at 4.19x4.99
The 5th mat layer has the Deer and the Oval. The Deer are from the WinterWoodland cart, I flipped the image so the deer would be looking different ways on the banner. I cut the Deer at 4.24x5.66. The shadow of the Deer is also on this mat, also flipped. Then I added an Oval from the Gypsy Wandering cart and cut it at 8.00x4.34, I copied this one also, so I had a total of 2 on the 12x24 mat.
The 6th mat layer has the Holly leaves from the Stretch Your Imagination cart, cut at 3.44x2.00, I copied so that I had 8 on the mat, and then used the shadow feature and copied the same amount so both the pieces are on this the 12x24 mat
For the final layer, I add the Holly centers, I copied so I had 8 of those also.

I put all the pieces together for each tag, and then punched holes on the top of each tag and tied them together with ribbon. For the Holly leaves, I wanted to add some "bling" to those, so I added MS glitter in red to each of the berry centers. I then punched a hole in the top of the holly leaves and tied them to the ribbon between each letter.

This really turned out beautiful, the pictures really don't do it justice!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!



  1. As I said on the Cricut MB, this is absolutely stunning!

  2. I just love this so much.. Hope you don't mine if I make one for me. Thank you for all the how too. Merry Christmas to all.

  3. This IS beautiful! I know what you mean by the pic not doing it justice...sometimes you just can't capture beauty like you want on film, but it still looks amazing! You always do such a great job with your projects!! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  5. Lovely! good job it looks so pretty.

  6. Just stunning! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. This is simply fantastic. I can't begin to imagine what it looks like in person because it looks awesome in the pictures. I just started following your can check mine out at

  8. Beautiful. My husband gave me my Christmas gift early, Cricut Expression....I am looking for project ideas....can't wait to get started....