Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby gift and card

Hi all my crafty friends! I have been so busy this weekend working on a baby gift for a colleague of mine....they have just adopted a little girl! So I wanted to make them a few little things for their new baby...
The first item is a baby bag...I have been making these for about 5 years for my nieces and nephews and friends that have babies. My daughter still uses the one I made for Brooklyn 4 years ago! They are very large and are great for overnight trips.
The 2nd item is a burping cloth. I used the same cloth from the baby bag for the front side and a prefold diaper is the back.
The last item is a crocheted hat! I LOVE this little hat! I found the pattern on Pinterest! Just love that site!
and you know I just had to make a baby card to go with this gift......
The stamp image I have had a long time, I don't remember the name of the stamp company and I don't know if it still exists...but it sure is cute!
Well, thats it for now...have a wonderful week!


  1. what a thoughtful gift -- I am sure it will be loved and cherished.

  2. this is gorgeous! And so thoughtful of you. I would have loved to get this... Congratulations to your friends. We have adopted 4 boys and love them all so very much..with our own three girls we are now a family of 9.. I love your blog. You are so talented!

    Mary Beth

  3. I love all your cute things. I have a cousin who just had a baby girl. I would love to do something like this for her.. Do you mind sharing the patterns or direct me to where I could find them. Or, could I order them for you? Love your

  4. Love the gift ideas - would love to have pattern for bag and hat? Love your blog and all your crafty ideas!