Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cherry On Top Blog Award

Well, what a nice surprise....Sheila from
Shes a Sassy Lady has given me such a nice blog award! Thank you Sheila! Make sure you visit Sheila's blog....she is awesome!

Here are the rules for this award:

1.) Thank the person who gave this award to you.

2.) Copy the award and put it on your blog

3.) List 3 things which you love about yourself

4.) Post a picture you love

5.) Tag five people you wish to pass this award on to.

So, the 3 things I love about myself....

I am a fantastic wife, mother and grandmother

I am a creative person and teacher

I have raised my children to be responsible and loving parents to their children

Here is the picture I love....

This is a picture of my oldest grandson (Coy), and my husband (papa) at the Boy Scouts boat races. Coy won 2nd place, and they were sooooo proud! They both spent an entire weekend working on this boat! We drove 2 1/2 hours to be at this event to celebrate with Coy, it was such a good day to remember.

Ok, on to 5 blogs I would like to pass this award to...

1.) Pinke I met Pinke (Edna) at CHA and spent sometime with her at the My Pink Stamper class, she is wonderful person and is sooo creative.

2.) Lorie Oh, my what can I say about Lorie...she is awesome! I met Lorie in person at CHA, I have been following her for sometime now and it was a thrill to meet her. She is soooo creative and a wiz with the Copics!

3.) Suzie I met Suzie thru the Project Tuesday design team, she is so creative and sweet and we both share a love for Waltzingmouse stamps! Do I need to say more?

4.) Emma the Gypsy queen! I met Emma at CHA and she is just as sweet in person as she is on her videos! I have really learned alot about my gypsy watching her videos and she has become a sweet friend of mine.

5.)Carol I met Carol at my Copic certification class in April, and I have been following her blog ever since, she is very creative and sweet!

Please make sure you stop by all of the ladies blogs and check out their work. You will be glad you did!

Thank you again Shelia for such a fun award, it was nice to reflect upon myself and others that I admire.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Thanks for the sweetness, Cindy! I appreciate your kindness, and I'm one of your biggest fans! I LOVE your videos, and you rock the Copics yourself! It was so great to meet you, and I hope one day we can bridge the miles between us and stamp together. That would be awesome!

    Love ya,

    P.S. - I love your picture. That's a wonderful memory to have with your grandson!!

  2. Hey Cindy - thanks soooo much for this. I am gonna have to think about a few of these things before I can add this to my blog - love your answers and love the picture of Coy too - he looks so smart in his uniform! (I do love a man in uniform LOL!) and I love that your hubby is called 'Papa' - so is mine when the grandkids are over! It's one of my very favourite sounds don't ya know :-) especially when I hear 5yr old Maddy say it. You are so positive about yourself and I love that too. I am my own worst critic so mine might be interesting - hhhmmmmm?
    I'm gonna make a cuppa, browse some of my favourite photos and see what I come up with.
    Blessings Suezie

  3. Aww, Thank you soooooo very much I just love your blog I had a great time meeting you at CHA and love all your fabulous creations

    Big Creative Hugs

  4. Thanks so much for this honor! I am thinking about the things I will post and hopefully will post this on my blog later this week. I love the picture of your Grandson. My boys were both Scouts (one Eagle, one Life) so I have a soft spot in my heart for those Scout events and pictures! We should definitely get together in the "Real" world and create together!

    Thanks again
    Carol B