Friday, October 30, 2009

Holiday Planner

Edit: Oh my gosh! I have been featured at the Organized Christmas!!!!!

I just love this site! I have used it for the past few years to help me get organized for Christmas! I am soooo honored to be featured there!!! Thank you Cynthia!!!!

Hi everyone! I have been working on a Holiday Planner for a few weeks! I was first inspired by

Christmas with the Cricut a few weeks ago when HappyHappyJoyJoy did a project using the Gypsy and the Winterwoodland cart.

Joy showed us how to weld a simple rectangle to one of the houses on the Winterwoodland cart and create a shaped book.

I really liked what she did, so I decided to make my Holiday Planner this year using this idea. I make a planner every year, I find it helps me stay organized for the holidays.

For the cover, the windows and front door and wreath were cut using the Christmas cart. The Holiday Planner title I created on the computer and printed out.

Here are a few pictures of my organizer...

I created the actual planner pages on the computer and then adhered them to the house cutout pages. The pages shown here are for Thanksgiving. I find it helps me to make notes about what the meal will be for Thanksgiving, so when it closer to the holiday I have my thoughts together in one place.

The page on the left has the December calendar and the page on the right is the guest list for my annual cookie exchange party. I like to keep track of who I have invited and whether they plan to attend.

The page on the left here is the actual planner I will use to put together the Cookie exchange, the menu, games etc. Then on the right, I created a little pocket to put a shopping list tag into. That way I don't have to take the whole planner to the store, I can just pull out the shopping list tag and throw in my purse.

The page on the left here is my gift wish list. I decided to make this page a pocket also and use the same tag idea so I could jot down gift ideas for each person and take with me without taking the whole planner. The page on the right is a place to record what gifts I plan to make and send in the mail and keep track of those.

The last 2 pages..the one on the left is my Christmas dinner meal planner and the pocket on the right holds a couple of shopping list tags to be used as I need them.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my planner, I really had a good time making this one! I just love my Cricut and it has made my crafting so much fun!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Saw your post on the Cricut boards...Ohhh is this ever sweet! Wonderful work on this... very inspiring! I'm sure you'll be so organized for the Christmas season... and you'll have more time that way to be Cricutting too, lol!

    Have a terrrific weekend :)

  2. I came over from the Cricut board too & I must say that this is one impressive project! I love the whole darling thing!!

  3. wow this must have taken you forever to make, it's fabulous


  4. Hi, Mrs. B! We love your holiday planner, so we've showcased it over at Christmas Planner. Nice job!

    Cynthia Ewer, Editor
    Organized Christmas

  5. WOW -- this is darling and so useful!!!!

  6. I'm in love.....that's amazing!